11Posts, the optimal all-in-one Influencer marketing software for agencies

Without limits or restrictions

“We are super happy. We continue to use it daily for analytics and logging activity with influencers.”

Juanmi D. goodrebels

“It allows us to redirect traffic to my clients’ websites, increasing campaign performance and optimizing ROI.”

David B. Ontiwce

“Estamos súper contentos. Seguimos usándola diariamente para el análisis y el registro de actividad con influencers.”

Juanmi D. goodrebels

“Nos permite redirigir tráfico a los sitios web de mis clientes, aumentando el rendimiento de las campañas y optimizando el ROI”

David B. Ontiwce

Why 11Posts?

The only optimal multi-influencer management software for agencies

Search and analyze without limits

Ultra-segmented database:

Ultra-complete analysis of all influencers in the world
Optimizes the selection of influencers with our dedicated segmentation system to ensure the greatest impact

Save time and costs

Planning and forecasting results

The only multi-management tool for agencies that simplifies campaign planning with influencers
Minimizes risk and maximizes the results of your influencers marketing campaigns
Estimates costs, customize, and make your influencer’s marketing campaigns more attractive to your customers

Manage influencers quickly and efficiently

Complete campaign


Automated one-click contact and negotiation with content creators
View the status of your campaigns
Simplify real-time influencers activation with our proposal personalization tool

Simplify, forecast, optimize and analyze all in one

Real-time metrics and results analysis

Evaluate real-time campaign impact
Analyze individual influencers’ metrics and sales
Share dashboards with your customers.
Experience with more than 400 agencies and brands
Discover the features of our complete service
The only optimal multi-influencer management software for agencies
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