Smart Influencer Search Technology Effective Influencer Marketing Management.

We do all the nitty-gritty. You enjoy the rewards!

Smart Influencer Search Technology

Thinking about trying Influencer Marketing out? Already given it a go without much success?

Finding the right Influencer for your Brand is a gigantic task on itself! There are too many options. Too much information. It takes far too much time!

With 11Posts’ Advanced Influencer Search Technology you’ll be able to identify influencers with over 5K followers by category, location, engagement and cost.

In the blink of an eye. Almost.

Analysis that yields results

You love them at first sight, you’d sign a campaign with them right away but…

Are you two really meant for each other?

Our advanced technology will analyse your chemistry levels, the influencer’s real authority and relevance for your campaign and your chances of success.

What’s their engagement rate and talk rate?
Where’s their audience location?
% of suspicious followers?
Is their audience relevant to your needs?
All the tools that will help you discover with accuracy whether that relationship is to make it all the
way or not.

Start this journey understanding each other better – it will yield better results for you. Guaranteed.

Your big influencer questions answered for you!

Most influencers are top people with great talent and unsurpassed communication skills.

In most cases, what you see is what you get. And generally, what you get is out of this world! But before leaving your precious brand in the hands of an influencer, you want to have certain questions answered. Truthfully.

The nitty-gritty of your next Influencer Marketing Campaign


Advanced technology to multiply your chances of success.

You’ve selected your perfect influencer match, then what?
Then, 11Posts Planning.

We help you plan your relationship and your work together for better results.

From the day you meet to the day you part ways. We plan and monitor results in real time. We adjust strategies as needed for maximum performance. And we analyse your chemistry levels to make them even more powerful in future campaigns.