Outreach and Conversation Tools

11Posts also features a user-friendly, very intuitive campaign progress section from where you’ll be able to send personalised invitations to thousands of influencers.

Customise the price you intend to pay each of them, automatically collect their addresses, telephone numbers, status in the campaign (invited, accepted, rejected, etc.)

Want to talk directly to them? Easily communicate via WhatsApp after they’ve accepted your proposals!

A smart and automated way to keep your brand safe!

As simple as pressing a button and letting 11 Posts’ IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) tools ensure that your selected influencers are delivering your brand messaging as you intend them to:

Content validation: receive the content your influencers intend to publish on your behalf in advance and approve or reject them before they go to air.
Send personalised proposals and campaign briefings automatically via email.
Automatically generate a personalised URL for each of your influencers.
Automatically manage the influencers’ status in the campaign – be it accepted, pending, rejected
or cancelled.
Access influencers’ phone numbers and communicate with them directly via WhatsApp Web through our platform.

Start delivering top content to your audiences from the safety of 11 Posts’ smart ecosystem!

Your message, understood, protected and broadcast to the world!

Influencer Relationship Management

Because your Brand Safety matters

Your brand is one of the most important assets of your business. Your brand creates trust for you. It improves recognition.

It builds financial value and it guarantees future business. Your brand inspires your employees and it generates new customers. That’s why at 11 Posts we understand that your brand needs to be protected at all costs!
Having your brand represented and your messaging broadcast by influencers you barely know is a potential risk which can be safely managed with 11 Posts Influencer Relationship Management Tools.

A safe environment for your company’s brand identity

11 Posts’ IRM tools have been carefully designed to give you complete control of your messaging, no matter who delivers it and where.

Minimise the risks of your brand’s reputation from being tainted and eliminate the funding of

content and services which infringe copyright.
With a few clicks of your mouse.